Broiler poultry farming is a very lucrative and established business.
Many people are doing this business on both a small scale and commercially for making a profit. Generally, the poultry birds which are raised for meat production is called ‘broiler’. So, broiler poultry farming means ‘raising meat chicken or other poultry birds for the purpose of meat production.

Broilers are just like other common poultry birds. Scientists have developed broilers specifically for producing meat in a short period of time.
That’s why broilers are raised mainly for meat production.  The term ‘broiler’ is mostly used for meat-producing chicken. But actually, any chicken that is used, bred, and raised specifically for meat production purposes.

Today, most of the commercial broilers reach slaughter weight between 4 and 7 weeks of age. Although, the slower-growing breeds reach slaughtering weight at approximately 14 weeks of age. Most of the broilers that we see today have white feathers and yellowish skin.

Modern commercial broilers (such as cornish crosses and Cornish-Rocks) are artificially selected and bred for large-scale, efficient meat production.

They are noted for having very fast growth rates, a high feed conversion ratio, and low levels of activity. Most of the modern commercial broilers are bred to reach a slaughter weight of about 2 kg in only 5 to 7 weeks. Some slow-growing free-range and organic strains have been developed which reach slaughter weight at 12 to 16 weeks of age.

Due to extensive breeding selection for rapid early growth and the husbandry used to sustain this, broilers are susceptible to several welfare concerns, particularly skeletal malformation and dysfunction, skin and eye lesions, and congestive heart conditions.

Management of ventilation, housing, stocking density, and in-house procedures must be evaluated regularly to support the good welfare of the flock.

Today, producers are using many advanced technologies and systems for raising broilers. And you can take this opportunity to make some extra profits.